The Story of Prelude.


"Prelude Magazine" was born precisely, on a rainy evening in Los Angeles, California. 
The Editor in Chief and Founder of "Prelude Magazine" Farah ALHashim considers Prelude an identity waiting to be rediscovered through words and images. 

Prelude Magazine may seem to Music Creators -(with a musical background)- that it's a publication about music and melody. indeed the word "prelude" may imply that, but the definition of the word is beyond Music. 

"Prelude" is Magazine that digs deep in our Artistic essences; and reshapes all the perceived ideas we had and still do about Opera, Writing, Literature, Music, Cinema, Photography, Painting, Sculpting and The art of Theatre. 

Prelude is the beginning of something important. something that will change our perspective and our lifestyle. 

"Prelude" is the foundation for art and life. 

"Prelude" is extremely subjective to humans, it takes the side of emotions, feelings and senses. 

"Prelude" 's philosophy is to erase everything we ever knew and start over but this time with new philosophy. 

"Being logical, is to understand yourself."

Prelude Magazine

The Magazine is currently inviting Artists from around the globe to join into sculpting prelude's first Online Issue. 

Prelude's Royal Family and Friends : 

1-Painters and imagery creators (film makers, video graphers, graphic designers, photographers, and other image- related artists.) 
2- Writers and Poets (Journalists, writers, novelists, and script writers) 
3- Composers and performers ( dancers, singers, musicians) 
4- Theatre creators. 

The Magazine is Divided into 11 sections

1- What is Art? 

D-Past and Present

C-Past and Present

A-Poetry and Lyrical Music
B-Short Stories and Novels
C-Litrature and Philosophy
D-Past and Present

Art Periods Movements will begin from Stone age (30,---b.c-2500 b.c) until today.
Literature Periods Movements ( European,Islamic, Asian and Others) will begin from the Medieval (500-1500)until today.

-Music Period Movements will begin from (325) until today (2012).
-Cinema and Photography will begin from Sergei Eisenstein until Today.
-History of Theatre from its origins until Today.
-Fashion across the Globe from the beginning of time until today

How it works ? 

We will be creating a platform for a group of Artists to rediscover themselves through a simple yet detailed literal or photographic statments of what Art is to an individual and to the world.

"Prelude" will redefine art as a medium and as a tool for changing history and creating and discovering talents not to mention empowering individuals to express themselves. 

"Prelude" will gather a group of visionaries who will write analogies through academic or literal or even imagery features, reviews, columns, stories, manuscripts, and musical pieces telling us their own understanding of arts without interference with history as a inspiration. 

"Prelude" is a Magazine for our senses. ..

"Prelude Magazine" will publish articles in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. 

Reason Behind Creating Prelude Magazine
The main reason behind creating this magazine is to invent a new platform for independent artists and authors to express their own beliefs about music and literature and other aspects of arts and Communication. 
Nothing can interfere with how we preview art, so what defines art? As a medium? Is it related to religion? Or social behavior? Is it different from the golden age? Is the art world shifted its ideologies from medieval age until now? 
What constitutes for an artist right now, and how can we comprehend it? 
Also the magazine will tackle the issues discussed in arts nowadays, like love, life, passion, feminism, politics, manhood, desires, political affiliations and many other current subjects that define us as a society and will compare it with the past and help us create a timeline and a simple yet a rich understanding of what is being discussed in literature and images. 
Many current Film Makers tell us “ Everything you could think of has been done” 
Also Painters say and writers share the same idea of “Having everything been discussed already.”
Well, “Prelude Magazine” will discuss this subject and ask one single question, why? And who said so? 
How can we tell that all ideas have been invested? 
Do we know the future? Can we predict ideas before they exist in our heads? 
Or we are dealing with our “flled tabula Rasa” and easily react and respond to what we are familiar with? 
In addition to this topic, the magazine will stay up to date with the art scene in Hollywood, Los angles, New York, Beirut, London, Berlin, Brussels, Egypt, Madrid and Rest of the World. 
This Magazine is looking toward creating a fresh ideology and understanding of what art is. 

Copy Rights Reserved Farah ALHashim
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