Founder of Prelude Magazine since 2012.   Farrah  Z. ALHashem

Founder of Prelude Magazine since 2012.  Farrah  Z. ALHashem


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Abdelrahem AL-Awji after Breakfast in Beirut...

Abdelrahem AL-Awji after Breakfast in Beirut...


 Breakfast in Beirut introduced me to the most serious person i have ever met or worked with.  the first time i ran into abed when I was drinking white coffee in T-Marbouta, I was not alone, but I remember i was sitting with an old flame, he introduced me to Abed and then Abed started talking about a play he is working on and it is going to be shown in London. 

During his confessions, I glanced at his outfit, his hat, his beard, his eyes, the way he moves around, and I realized that he is probably one of the most talented people living in Beirut today and funny enough Abed disguises as the "funny man" who jokes around, who is part of a tv show, how understands Beirut so well and who is critical of everything, but after I sat in front of him while filming Breakfast in Beirut he told me, after this, he really wants to do a serious role and he is done with comedy.

The film screened in festivals and won recognitions, the buzz continued in Beirut and around the world, but Abed remained in my head, with his serious eyes, until recently i discovered while abroad that Abed is starring in a play and the part is not comedic. I stared at the computer screen, i clicked attending, but i was unable to attend due to my travels. I smiled. It is rewarding to see people changing around me, to see people deciding on something then making it happen, it means things do change, and dreams do come true, and Abed remains to be until this moment one of the rare honest souls found in Beirut. 

In a quick chat on Facebook, Abed confessed to me his happiness on embarking such a role knowing that he was looking forward taking a serious role after his years of comedy whether on stage or in TV. 

"An actor can do all kinds of roles, there is no such thing as a comic or drama actor, a real actor can perform everything. I prefer to be a serious actor than to be always taken for granted as cute or funny, i do believe that being in this domain is difficult and an actor's job is not easy, we get to pretend, and imtitate and be someone's else everyday, that is not easy." Abed adds

Abed starred in a play entitled "Anbara" Written and Directed By Alia Khalidi where it continued to screen in Hamra in Beirut with success, he promised to return on stage after Ramadan.

This play talks about a Beirut Local Leader name  Salim Salam whose daughter is about to take off her  Niqab and the father supports her decision, it is a mix of reality and melodrama discussing the generational gap between father and daughter, and highlight Beirut in its old times  

أليف شافاك:  الحياة عبث، في جوهرها يكمن اللامعنى

أليف شافاك: الحياة عبث، في جوهرها يكمن اللامعنى

سنا البنا : ضربني الصمت

سنا البنا : ضربني الصمت