Founder of Prelude Magazine since 2012.   Farrah  Z. ALHashem

Founder of Prelude Magazine since 2012.  Farrah  Z. ALHashem


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 7 Rooms 7 Artists Beirut Conversations: If Walls Could Speak ...

7 Rooms 7 Artists Beirut Conversations: If Walls Could Speak ...


Inside an old historical mansion, a young man welcomed me to take the rustic old stairs to enter a house, the door was open, I can already visualise some people who lived in that house that is currently being used as an “Art House” 

“7 rooms 7 artists Beirut Conversations” is the name of the exhibition that showcase a visual and artistic dialogue between 7 artists and the city they chose to live in: Beirut

According to "7rooms 7 artists" Facebook Page "The seven participating artists have one thing in common, they are all non-Arab and non-Lebanese they live in Beirut Purly by choice."

Living in Beirut remains an adventurous mind blowing experience, because of the inconsistency, irregular, unbalanced yet delicious life it brings to its inhabitants.   You have series of art and video installations, you have flowers planted inside structural iron poles that are planted in the ground. 

As you enter from one room to another, you will be transformed to another time, another world, and another mood. you hear recordings of a woman whispering to herself, for a second you think there is someone in that room, but the echo reminds you that that voice is just a recording. 

The mansion is beautiful and if walls could speak !!!! Beirut walls would have spoken volumes...

Every city has its charm but the walls, streets, door knobs, flowers, and street signs of Beirut can speak... if you walk in the streets you see a story in every wall, there is another Beirut written on our walls, we are living in multiple versions of Beirut and in each version a conversation is happening.

Beirut's flowers are growing inside gardens made out of concrete. 

Beirut is the smell of warm bread 

Beirut a city;  always under construction and underneath the construction sights, there is this picture frame of your grandmother and the mirror that reminds you how beautiful you are despite the crumbling edges and desaturation of the wall paper colors. 

Some of the Artists in the 7 Rooms

Gianna Dispenza: is an American artist based in Beirut; her fine art studies began in Florence Italy at SACI, and she continued her higher education in liberal arts at Colorado College. Gianna completed  her BFA in sculpture from the San Francisco Art  Institute in 2014 

Marcello Carrozzini is Italian painter and illustrator born in Sassari where he studied physiology and fine arts he African moved to Lebanon in 1999 was responsible for managing the creative output of ikon design. 

Niloufar Afan is an Iranian-Canadian designer based in Beirut she works in different disciplines and designs jewellery future and installations 

Anna Serrano: Born and raised African Spanish territories.  She always feels home in Beirut and currently is a part-time teaching fellow at Bath University and visiting professor  at Beirut Arab university. 

Eva Saudargaite is an architect and self-taught photographer raised by Lebanese Lithuanian parents across Lithuania and UAE. She attended Lebanese-American University and got her BA in Architecture since 2006 

Cornelia Kraftt born in Germany and based in Beirut, Cornelia kraftt is an artist published author and former professor at the department of fine arts and art history at the American University of Beirut

A conversation with Beirut is different from any conversation with any city because Beirut has three faces ;  of a human, a city  and holy spirits.

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Breakfast in Beirut on VIMEO ON DEMAND Soon

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