Founder of Prelude Magazine since 2012.   Farrah  Z. ALHashem

Founder of Prelude Magazine since 2012.  Farrah  Z. ALHashem


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When Enas ELKorashi Creates Art ..

When Enas ELKorashi Creates Art ..


Artist Enas ELKorashi showcased her work under supervision and patronage of curator Maria Luisa Trevisan, an art critic, and wife of famous Italian Tobia Reva where he exhibited his work in inauguration exhibition at Made in Art gallery in Nov 2015.

In an interview with Prelude, ELKorashi confessed that she didn't intend to showcase her work but recently she got an exclusive invitation by Maria Luisa and it is a lovely opportunity, and it was a nice gesture and a step forward especially during her event "Cairo/Venice" that opened days ago.

Made in Cairo/Venice is the result of a beautiful personal journey of Korashi's eight years living in Venice searching for her "artistic identity." She graduated from Fire Arts University in Cairo and moved to Venice for work.

ELKorashi, struggled at the beginning to find her artistic identity, after full years of academic studies, in addition to attending and curating hundreds of contemporary art events from all over the world, where such world confused ELKorashi, and created for her a solid ground to work from. 

Sometimes you have to get lost before you find yourself again, and that's what happened with Enas. She met Chilean curator Daniella bacigalupo after four years whom she works and lives in Venice and started a collaboration due to a long everlasting friendship that resulted in hosting series of events across Venice. 

There are artists who inspires us, and artists who motivates us to continue on our path, so after that Enas was introduced to Venetian artist Franco Renzulli whose work inspired her on so many levels, from smelling the colors, the oils in his historical studio to the enchanting works of art hung on the walls, Venice can have that impact on people, it is a moveable painting floating on water. 

Enas is also inspired by Egyptian artist Samir Fouad and as a result, Enas translated her love for art in Egypt and Italy, through hosting Venice/Cairo. This Exhibition is an example of Enas's passion toward paintings and both of those worlds. 

She hosted various exhibitions including this latest one in her charming, intimate, studio/art gallery where she screened films and showcased sculptures, photographs and paintings. Art gallery is a manifestation of her love to this world; it is entitled " Made in." and she is making memories one day at a time

"Daniella Bacigalupo argues that, CAIRO / VENICE is a dream come true for me, it is an exhibition that became a place of multicultural exchange, that  supports the tradition, not only from academic or technical aspects, but it also touches the personality of each artist and creates a melting pot for individuals to express their art in Venice" Enas adds 


Event took place on June 7th 2016 and it created a lovely buzz around venice. to follow up on future events check out link 

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