Founder of Prelude Magazine since 2012.   Farrah  Z. ALHashem

Founder of Prelude Magazine since 2012.  Farrah  Z. ALHashem


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PreludeMag Celebrates Women from #DUBAI with #EnasELKorashy Day I

PreludeMag Celebrates Women from #DUBAI with #EnasELKorashy Day I

She just turned 30.  Her name is Enas.

Things shift in perspective when your wheels turn toward a new age, a new era and a new time. 

Life is becoming like a wheel of fortune, a strange one, Enas whispered and told me, or that’s how I imagined it- instead of those rigid cold Facebook messages- she whispered to me her thoughts after hours from Dubai to Paris. …

We exchanged conversations, worries and thoughts, her memories in the past couple of years since her grand move from Egypt to Venice are filled with accomplishments and celebrations whether they include an art exhibitions, film festivals like “Breakfast in Beirut Art festival” or a humanitarian initiative for bridging Syria and Italy and creating a humanitarian connection entitled "IDRAW".

This campaign was beautiful from start to finish, where Enas traveled to Beirut to meet two young Syrian boys; they draw on postcards for a living.

She decided to draw their future. They confided in her and believed in her modesty and genuine nature that she is a woman, an art curator, and an artist who wants to help out to make a change.

Change was the central theme of that Beirut trip. She sat in front of my three eyes, and I started recording, she confessed her desire to make a change within herself and continue to strive.

Whenever I ask her questions, or urge her to write about her thoughts, she laughs and tells me " Farrah my English is Bad." 

Her English might not be perfect, but her intentions are, so in the next following paragraphs. 

I will leave you with few bits and pieces of Enas' thoughts  

Enas confesses while sitting in an airport bench ready to depart to Dubai to attend the 20th Global Women Leaders conference for this year, Where she collaborated with the management to present the work of her art Gallery "Made in".

"Difficulties of life continue to grow bigger. People, Farrah or those I had the chance to work or collaborate with genuinely believe that I reached my goals easily. On the contrary, maybe after few years, or more who knows, I might end up writing a book.”

She continues, “ It’s really weird to be in be in your 30’s and own an important popular art gallery in Venice. The funny thing is people think I arrived to this easy. Definitely I won’t write a book about the difficulty I had and I still have to be as what I am now! 
At some point along the way, I realized that people are not and will never understand what does it mean to be strong and build their own career only by strong belief of self.”

After struggling, and moving from one place to another, some memories were kept on her mind, others time has erased them so easily, Enas carried what’s left from her thoughts and memories from Cairo to Venice, Where she married an Italian, had a beautiful girl named Jamila. Worked in Fashion and Graphic design and ended up studying at a prestigious university in Venice and Rome followed by intensive internships an freelance work with hot Italian fashion designers.

Enas then realized the journey is not over and therefore continued to work in art cu ration.

That’s when “Made in” Happened.

The Art Gallery became popular and becoming a hot spot for Art in Venice. She premiered with an exhibition for Venetian artist Franco Renzulli and screening for one of my critically acclaimed films Breakfast in Beirut. That’s how Enas and I started to develop a business relationship on top of our friendship after we met the first time in an Italian festival where our work was screened together in 2014.

It was one of those interesting Italian encounters.

Normally women go to Venice to find an Italian lover, but I met a great friend.

Enas believes that she opened the gallery in a time where art galleries  are closing down in Italy, but she had a plan and she believed in it.

 She curated over 20 events and another venues, established contacts inside and outside Italy and created lovely initiatives like “IDRAW” and the imitative continues to grow attention inside and outside Venice.

Enas believes that she is happy to see her work succeeds and it is getting  the media attention it deserves.

She is an Italian-Egyptian who was chosen to represent Italians among the conference, which is taking place in Burj AL-Arab Hotel and continues until March 8th.

Breakfast in Burj ALArab

The day started with a beautiful luxurious breakfast followed by series of conferences and speakers like her highness Shamsa Saleh, secretary-General of the UAE Gender Balance Council, then Anna Dolidze the Parliamentary state secretary at the Republic of Georgia, speaking about “Next Generation of Trusted Women Leaders in the new Era of Leadership game changes”. After her another speech by Dr. Rfah Alyami the Deputy of Dean at Arab East College, and other interesting’s conferences.

Conference with Nina Lengerholc Chief of staff at the ministry of public Administration in Slovenia, where she will talk about “ The New Reality we face today and the role of women Leaders.” Another speak by the nameHanane BenKhallouk who is an Executive Director at Sustain Leadership where she will talk about “Next Generation of innovative and knowledge Based Women Leaders and other exciting conferences which will be revealed later



في صالون عواطف الزين الثقافي ندوة تطبيقية لاعمال الفنانة التشكيلية سكينة الكوت

في صالون عواطف الزين الثقافي ندوة تطبيقية لاعمال الفنانة التشكيلية سكينة الكوت

لم تعد تريد ان تكون..

لم تعد تريد ان تكون..